Diversity is an opportunity!

Successful companies are characterised by positive attitudes towards diversity. We will help you to recognise and to benefit from the potential of diversity within your team and when dealing with customers and business partners.

Our course content is based on modern case studies with real-life applications as well as exercises with an authentic approach. We will agree upon individual learning objectives before the course begins. This ensures that the course content meets the company's and the participants' needs and is relevant to their daily work. As a result, the course participants will also be able to fulfil their personal goals.

Certificate of attendance:

Participants will receive a LOQUI certificate of attendance.

Diversity Management

Languages: German, English

„Diversity Management“ means taking diversity in a company into account. When diversity is seen as a factor for success, your company can also profit from it. The goal of this training course is to make use of diversity among employees and business partners.


  • Definitions of terms and legal bases
  • The advantages and benefits of Diversity Management
  • Six principles of diversity
  • Prejudices, (Role-related) stereotypes, clichés
  • Mechanisms of discrimination
  • Tips & Tricks for successful Diversity Management

Gender sensitivity training

Languages: German, English

To ensure equal opportunities, our gender sensitivity training focuses on interactions in the company which foster gender equality. The course introduces a variety of methods to that end, such as how to formulate documents or how to interact with employees in a manner that ensures gender equality. Participants will learn about different behaviour patterns and they will reflect on their own behaviour.


  • Critical overview of and reflection on your company
  • Reflection on individual behaviour using a gender analysis
  • Exchanging ideas and experiences