Success doesn't appear out of the blue

We communicate on a daily basis, whether it's through speech or through our facial expressions and gestures. The philosopher Paul Watzlawick couldn't have said it better: "One cannot not communicate". However, we aren't always aware of this. At the same time, the way we commnicate with one another can have a major impact on a company's success.

The goal of our courses is to promote awareness of how we interact with others. Our course content includes everything from learning a foreign language or the most important public speaking techniques to interacting with different cultures and promoting diversity in the workplace. The course's learning objectives will be tailored to your company, the participants and their daily work. This ensures that the course content meets the participants' needs and has added value for the entire company.

What we offer:
  • Language courses in groups or one-to-one
  • Communication training courses
  • Intercultural communication
  • Gender and diversity sensitivity trainings

Our qualified trainers are the first step on your path to success!


We guarantee:

  • your course programme will be specifically tailored to your participants
  • your trainer will address topics from your daily work
  • you will have an experienced and dedicated trainer
  • you will be provided with customised course material from LOQUI
  • you will receive a certificate for attendance
  • you will have the chance to evaluate the training course and receive feedback from the trainer
  • Get follow-up support via email up to two weeks after the course has finished.

You don't have to worry about making compromises with us. Not only do we ensure customised course content, we are also happy to adapt the course to your learning pace or your scheduling. Our in-house training sessions directly at your company are particularly efficient and save time.