Success goes beyond borders

You need professional intercultural communication if you wish to succeed in an international team or on the international market. We will help you to understand cultural differences and to react accordingly. Our training courses ensure that your business activities both within your team as well as when interacting with customers and business partners from very different cultural backgrounds run smoothly. This will save you time and money in terms of communication, and you will have the best preparation for the international stage.

Our course content is based on modern case studies with real-life applications as well as exercises with an authentic approach. We will agree upon individual learning objectives before the course begins. This ensures that the course content meets the company's and the participants' needs and is relevant to their daily work. As a result, the course participants will also be able to fulfil their personal goals.

Certificate of attendance:

Participants will receive a LOQUI certificate of attendance.

Intercultural Team Building

Two heads are better than one

Languages: German

An important part of intercultural teamwork is to work with colleagues to achieve a goal together. To ensure that multicultural teams work together efficiently, it is important for them to cooperate well. Our Intercultural Team Building course trains participants to interact successfully as a multiculltural team in a day-to-day office setting. Positive experiences and strongly identifying with the team can lead to the development of a team structure that lasts a long time and is sustainable.

Intercultural Team Building can take place in-house or outdoors. We are happy to put together a course programme for your employees with you.


  • Turn the challenges of multicultural teams into opportunities
  • Solve problems together
  • Tackle challenges through cooperation
  • Create a relaxed atmosphere
  • Reflection

Intercultural Competence for Asia

How to get around Asia

Languages: German, English

Business relationships with Asians differ from many other business relationships. This is why we offer a trianing course specifically on communication with Asian business partners. We are happy to focus on a particular country at your request (e.g. China, Korea, Japan).


  • The basics of intercultural communication
  • Communication in Asia
    • Important cultural values in Asia
    • Physical contact
    • Do's and Don'ts
    • Email and telephone communication with Asians
  • Doing Business in Asia:
    • Asian approaches to work and management
    • Presentations and meetings
    • Cultural differences during negotiations
    • Customer relationships
  • Important aspects outside of work:
    • Similarities and differences between work and private life
    • Friends and acquaintaces
    • Building trust
    • Small Talk
    • Taboos
    • Eating out
    • Holidays and religious rules
  • Culture shock

Intercultural Competence Training

Competent anywhere you go

Languages: German, English

Intercultural communication is central to any company with a global presence. This is why training in intercultural communication helps you to understand cultural differences and to perceive and grasp the different typs of behaviour which are the result of these differences. If necessary, the course will focus on a specific cultural region (e.g. China, Russia).


  • How to approach different people from different cultural backgrounds in business settings
  • The perception of people from different cultures
  • Problems of intercultural communication
  • How to improve international business relationships and negotiations
  • How to use cultural differences to your advantage
  • Intercultural management in general and in specific countries